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Gaza is all of us: A letter to its children and martyrs
Matteo Gladio
Friday 28th of June 2024

It does not matter what the ICJ will eventually assess, since there is only one word that can describe the Western-backed Zionist depravity in Gaza, and this word is genocide.
After the unjustified, criminal, and Nazi-like killing of innocent children by the Zionist forces in Rafah, some time was needed to process a mixed bag of feelings, including anger, disgust, and sadness. Both soul and mind struggled to accept that the Western world happily continues to provide all the military, economic, and political support required for the Zionists to commit genocide. In fact, it does not matter what the International Court of Justice will eventually assess, since the revolutionary masses of the world are already aware that there is only one word that can describe the Western-backed Zionist depravity in Gaza, and this word is genocide.
It is genocide because the intent is to make the future impossible for all the people of Palestine, killing and maiming its men, women, and children while poisoning its land and water. From a rational and strategic point of view, the revolutionary masses of the world know that the Zionist entity operates with impunity because it embodies American and European existential interests. As such, it is unsurprising that Zionists are free to annihilate Palestinians as the life of a Palestinian is worth nothing in the eyes of Western or Zionist politicians. Therefore, when the revolutionary is faced with the need to confront its feelings of anger and sadness, a moment of reflection is required.
As much as these crippling and paralyzing sensations can grip both the soul and mind, they also heighten a renewed sense of commitment to the national liberation of Palestine. It does not take long to remind oneself of a very basic proposition. It does not matter how much the Zionists will be funded, supported, and allowed to destroy, because when the Resistance acted on October 7, 2023, it took Palestine and the world toward a horizon of justice and revolution. Nobody can stop this motor of history. The genocide that the Zionists are committing is just another, much-needed, fundamental step toward their coming collapse. With these thoughts in mind, it is then time to renew our revolutionary commitment to all the children and martyrs of Gaza. 
To the pure and fearless souls of the land of Palestine, we shall tell them that the revolutionary masses of the world are with you. We will never forget what the Zionists did to you and will never forgive them. Yet, history shall never forgive those of us who did not do enough to stop this machine of terror and war. Gaza is the world. We all bear responsibility for what is happening, and the world shall only be free when the Zionist usurpers are expelled from Palestine, by land, air, or sea.
Never forget, never forgive
Nine months have passed, and the situation we are living remains unprecedented. The scale and significance of what has happened in Gaza is unmatched in history. We will never stop, even for a second, to recognize that the genocide the Western ruling classes are financing, supporting, and allowing to happen in Palestine via their Nazi-colonial project, "Israel", is anything but normal. We know very well how those arrogant monsters fabricate evidence to bomb hospitals. We understand perfectly how the Western press loves to frame Palestinians as suffering and miserable, only to paint them as monsters when they find the courage and spirit to stand against the Zionist usurpers. We have watched your children die and suffer. We have watched your women asking the world to stop supporting these Zionist maniacs. We have watched your men taking the bodies of their children out of the rubble, realizing how their hopes, dreams, and limbs were mutilated under the weight of American bombs. We have watched—over and over—our Western leaders shaking hands with Zionist criminals, inviting them to banquets and showering them with praises and weapons. We will never forget what the West is allowing and what the Zionists are perpetrating, and we will never forgive either of them for their criminality.
Gaza has asked us to dig deep and reach out for a higher moral and ethical spirit within our souls. And for those who have found it, we know that this spirit shall stay with us for generations. Your fighters have shown us the unique capacities they possess to walk barefoot and place a bomb on a Zionist tank. We cheered with all the Arab and Muslim revolutionary masses when the Zionist usurpers found out the courageous and fearless resistance of the Palestinian fighters, as well as their companions, the Axis of Resistance. Your actions have turned the bourgeoise world upside down, demonstrating a level of careful planning, moral discipline, and ethical values that will accompany us from one generation to the next.
In Gaza, you have shown us how to treat prisoners belonging to the community of settlers with more humanity than the Zionists. In Yemen, we have seen how a population that has suffered so much (under more than 20 years of Western-backed Saudi foreign aggression and war) rose to a moral standard that is utterly unimaginable for the Western elites; the poorest people of the world showing the boldest moral stance in the face of genocide, confronting fleets and drones fearlessly. We have stood in silence listening to the words of your leaders, from Abu Obeida to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, learning from their strategic visions and steadfast determination. We have silently hoped that the Iranian and Lebanese rockets, passing over the skies of Palestine, would put an end to the criminal arrogance of the Zionist entity.
We have learned from your firing spirit of revolution and steadfastness. We shall continue to support and follow you. Yet, the world shall not forgive those who failed to stand for Palestine and its people. 
Victory is our future
Palestine is a material battle, but also a moral, ideological, and spiritual struggle. Every revolutionary spirit of this world that cares about the future of this planet and their young children and future generations cannot stay idle or remain silent when it comes to Palestine. All those who have not done enough to support Palestine and the Axis of Resistance shall not be forgiven. This struggle is a testament and a promise to all these children, women, and men that the West is allowing to kill. The entire world is in a struggle and we, the revolutionary masses of the world, must fight against imperialism, Zionism, and all their collaborators. Our firm revolutionary spirit incarnates a threat to the Zionist regime that is fighting for its survival. This dangerous regime has not surrendered yet. Before we could reach our objectives, we should be aware that Zionists will seek to inflict a lot of damage on us during our battle. But let us never allow one moment of doubt over the fact that victory shall be ours. 
Since October 7, 2023, a new path has been paved. Palestine has called upon all the revolutionary masses of the world to stand for its liberation, support its Resistance, and fight in all camps and spaces against imperialism and the Zionist usurpers. We must be prepared for this task because the death of all these children and martyrs must not be in vain. We must carry with us their faith, their hopes and dreams, their revolutionary spirit, and the most sacred of duties: to fight Zionism and American imperialism wherever it may be.