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US, Europe conducting the genocide, and their colony in Palestine, 'Israel', is executing it
Daniel Lobato
Tuesday 5th of March 2024

We are entering the climax of the sadistic experiment to determine whether millions of Palestinians will be expelled from Palestine, or whether the Palestinians will hold on to their land. What happens will depend on whether Europe and the US secure another overseas colony or whether the Israeli colonial regime will fall in a few years in the face of greater native demography and resistance.
Will we have a new North America or Australia, where the natives were eradicated and white-framed states were erected, functional for Western world domination, or will we have another Algeria or South Africa where the natives defeated the European colonial plan?
In the status quo prior to the October 7 Gaza uprising, the Israeli regime was inevitably headed for collapse. In the three zones of Palestine (the occupied territories, Gaza, and the West Bank), nearly 8 million native Palestinians are witnessing a higher birth rate and a much younger population, compared to the Jewish Israelis, who number less than 7 or even less than 6 million, alongside increasing abandonment of the territory. To survive, this Western stronghold in Asia had to exterminate or expel millions of Palestinians from Palestine, and so I argued in other articles.
Two great geopolitical prizes: A Western fortress in the heart of the fuel and a substitute for the Suez Channel
"The televised genocide and mass ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians underscore a crucial agenda: the concerted efforts by Europe and the US to reshape Israel's trajectory and secure a permanent foothold in one of the world's key geopolitical arenas. Over the past two centuries, we've witnessed a form of colonialism that involves establishing Western strongholds by eradicating indigenous populations. This model is evident in countries like Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, reflecting the expectations that Europe and the USA harbor for Palestine. In their eyes, the Palestinians are deemed inconsequential, akin to ants, amidst the allure of significant geopolitical gains."
Netanyahu himself, in his speech at the UN, in September, boasted about what could be the ultimate Israeli triumph. He showed a map from which the West Bank and Gaza had disappeared and on which he depicted the planned Ben Gurion Channel with an energetic stroke of a felt-tip pen. By the way, that speech at the UN made by Netanyahu is one of the factors in the Gaza uprising of October 7. The Ben Gurion Channel, a possible replacement for the Suez Channel with a course between "Eilat" and Gaza, is projected to run simultaneously in both directions, more than double the vessel capacity of the Egyptian channel, and would give "Israel" and the West a position of dominance over a large chunk of world trade. The stakes are high to establish dominance at one end of the Red Sea shipping corridor with the Ben Gurion Channel, so it is easy to understand why the other end of the Red Sea conveyor belt, Yemen, today continues to be bombed by the US and the UK as it has been for the past nine years.
That is why this experiment of colonial engineering is carried out by a laboratory “technician”, Netanyahu, who is neither crazy nor acting irrationally when he exterminates thousands of Palestinians, displaces hundreds of thousands inside the Strip, leads millions to starvation, and destroys all the bases of human survival. There are the masterminds of the experiment behind it, Europe and the USA, with an incessant supply of bombs or at least, with full institutional and economic backing. The bombs are provided by some, and the push is provided by others.
This obvious cooperative military support from the West to "Israel" was already denounced by a former UN official at the beginning of the genocide and it runs mainly from the US military bases in Spain, Germany, and Turkey, channeled through the UK base in Cyprus. The US and the UK have delivered to "Israel" the equivalent of more than three Hiroshima atomic bombs, and more will be supplied as the British courts have refused to stop UK arms deliveries to the Zionist regime. But Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Denmark, and other countries have also sent weapons to "Israel" so that it can kill more Palestinians.
European theatrical performance
Apart from the military aspect, the West continues to support "Israel" with full diplomatic, commercial, or sporting relations, while European repression of solidarity with the Palestinians, and especially solidarity with their legitimate resistance, is increasing.
Almost all European countries, Von der Leyen, and Borrell have affirmed their support for "Israel" in a changing stage performance. From Macron's proposal to create a military coalition against the Gaza Strip to Pedro Sanchez's repeated assertions that "Israel is a friend and ally," all uniformly voiced support for the "right of Israel to defend itself," a notion that lacks validity given its status as an occupation. Consequently, "Israel" stands as the systemic aggressor against the Palestinians.
As Europe drowned in Palestinian blood, European verbal sadism softened and has been exchanged for a few grimaces and tragic statements in the media forced by the mountain of chopped-up Palestinian bodies.
But ultimately, the support of all European governments for "Israel" in its genocide has remained intact as seen in the refusal to join South Africa's demand at the ICJ. The hands of all are soaked in blood. The European position is cloaked in a gigantic refined hypocrisy that includes some votes in the UN Security Council in favor of a ceasefire but no real action in their governments.
The same is observed in the EU. After initially cheering "Israel" in its genocide, EU foreign policy chief Borrell is now also throwing riddles in the air, such as "something we can do" or "the Palestinians cannot go to the moon." While Borrell was launching these soothsaying messages, "Israel" remains a preferred partner of the EU on the level of almost every other member, despite the existence of certain human rights clauses that are nothing more than propaganda.
That is the role of choral pantomime played by the EU, and not that of stopping the gigantic colonial engineering experiment. It was staged when Ursula von der Leyen went to the Egyptian side of the Gaza wall to snoop on how the massacre and the mass expulsion operation were progressing and later visited Jordan. Beneath the theatrics lies a period of intense lobbying, with promises of substantial financial incentives to Egypt and Jordan aimed at facilitating the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland, effectively emptying Palestine of its native population. These countries are being urged to accommodate the influx of Palestinians as a primary measure.
That’s why he did not force "Israel" and Egypt to allow the hundreds of trucks of international aid that are blocked every day at the gates of the Strip to enter Gaza. During his walk there, those trucks parked in an endless line disappeared. The Gaza Strip's border with Egypt is also de facto controlled by "Israel", and the limited number of trucks that are allowed to enter are sometimes destroyed inside Gaza.
So the European message is: "We will not stop the massacre and expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine, but we promise some humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in the future when they leave Palestine."
Admittedly, the US position in favor of continuing the massacre and expulsion is more sincere, either by voting in favor of it in the Security Council or in statements by US congressmen advocating that all Palestinians should be killed and all Gaza destroyed. The UK's stance becomes more apparent through its abstentions in the Security Council and its role as "Israel's" advocate at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), despite the staggering toll of 100,000 Palestinians killed, wounded, or missing. This figure represents four percent of the Palestinian population within the ghettos, a harrowing statistic amassed in just four months. The daily rate of extermination and mutilation of human lives exceeds the atrocities committed by German fascism on the Soviet front during the entire Second World War. It is estimated that in five years, German fascism caused the death or injury of 15% of the USSR's population.
'Israel' is a colony economically dependent on EU, US, and today it is bankrupt
Whoever controls with his hand the taps of armament, economic, commercial, or institutional, to open or close them at will, is in practice the one who directs the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine. The European and US governments operate with their hands these taps that feed the Zionist regime, because "Israel" is not self-sufficient and maintains a circular colonial economy of dependence on the Western metropolis. To this is added an important trade with Turkey and the supply of fuel from Azerbaijan and Iraqi Kurdistan, which also comes to it through Turkey.
"Israel" is not Russia, which with its gigantic territory rich in resources has emerged stronger from the failed European and US economic sanctions imposed by the war in Ukraine.
Israeli GDP fell by 20% in the last quarter of 2023 due to the staggering spending on the war machine of $300 million per day ($10 billion per month), unsustainable for a population smaller than that of Portugal. Other factors are added to this, such as the paralysis in many economic sectors, the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Israeli settlers who have emptied the settlements near the dividing line with Lebanon and Gaza, the reduction of commercial exchange, or the disappearance of foreign tourism, among others.
These figures would have led to the collapse of any country of that size, and it is obvious that there is assisted ventilation from the European metropolis and the USA. Therefore, Europe and the USA are leading in practice this genocide and exploration of ethnic cleansing to culminate their colonial project in Palestine.
The necessary accomplices are thinking about it
While the Israeli 7th Cavalry massacres the Palestinian redskins mixing unseen atrocities and medieval sadism with high-tech death, US and Europe are still waiting for those accomplices with whom Von der Leyen and Blinken negotiate.
If Erdogan received from the EU more than 6 billion euros for hosting (or exploiting) 5 million Syrians and for Turkish help in the destruction of Syria, how much is the West offering Egyptian President el-Sisi to agree to be complicit in expelling 2.4 million Palestinians out of Palestine? And if they achieve that, how much are they offering Jordan's King Abdallah to subsequently take in the 3 million sinking West Bank Palestinians who in the future will no longer endure the exalted oppression of Israeli settlers?
To bring down the current native population in all of Palestine from almost 8 million to less than half, about 3 million, is the great goal of the US and Europe. The first to be bought off to achieve this is el-Sisi, the most Zionist and repressive leader in Egypt's modern history. It is very difficult to know what el-Sisi will decide with his military-business clique, despite the negative statements. The major works he is carrying out on his side of the Gaza wall may mean a mere reinforcement of the prison, a logistic center for trucks entering and leaving the Strip, or on the contrary that he is close to accepting the deal by building a temporary transit camp-station to the exile for continuous contingents of tens of thousands of Palestinians.
Despite all this gigantic coalition of criminal forces and the beginning of a months-long period of sadistic mass torture, today, as a year ago, as on October 7, my prediction is that the Palestinians will resist in Palestine, even if "Israel" manages to explode a regional open war and in that gigantic chaos further escalates the massacre. 
The Palestinians will defeat the mental Dark Ages of Europe and the USA by resisting with their feet on their land, with the weapons they can dispose of, and by having the necessary and sufficient (non-Western) allies as the Algerians or the Vietnamese had. The colonial regimes applied greater sadism the closer they came to their end, and likewise, the Israeli regime will intensify its internal decomposition, accelerating its horizon of collapse. This statement is not the product of naive optimism, nor is it because the academic Ilan Pappe says so. It is because the recent history of colonialism tells us so, and above all, because it is reaffirmed by the Palestinians who are piled up on the colossal firing squad of the Gaza wall.